TAG Heuer Welcomes Two New Brand Ambassadors: Tommy Fleetwood & Naomi Osaka

Jan 21, 2021 / World of Watches (WOW)

TAG Heuer’s new brand ambassadors are representative of a new generation of fearless and bold individuals that ‘Don’t crack under pressure’.

Unsung Heroes of TAG Heuer

Jan 20, 2021 / World of Watches (WOW)

We take a look at a few unsung heroes in the very large assortment of watches at TAG Heuer, especially the new Aquaracer Bamford Edition

How Digitalisation Has Made Luxury Brands More Accessible

Jan 20, 2021 / Fashion

High-end products are no longer exclusively sold in stores, as the world’s most coveted brands, products, and services are now accessible to all who search.


Jan 20, 2021 / Accessories

Inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite flower, the Maison presents an all-new PREMIÈRE watch and EXTRAIT DE CAMÉLIA charms ring.

Fashion’s Hottest Brands of 2020

Jan 19, 2021 / Fashion

Covid-19 has not only reset shopping patterns and habits, but accelerated the shift towards digital commerce – a reality that 2020’s top 10 luxury brands have adapted to.

The Diamond Registry

Jan 19, 2021 / Jewellery

The Diamond Registry was founded in 1961 to protect consumers from overpriced diamonds and jewelry.

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