CML House

Oct 12, 2020 / Interiors

Brengues Le Pavec architecture agency has planned the expansion of the CML house in accordance to its environment’s natural geometric shape.

The V60 House

Aug 28, 2020 / Interiors

With uninterrupted views of what lies in the other rooms, the V60 House allows its inhabitants to feel connected, even when they’re apart.

Treat Yourself To All-New Basement

Aug 27, 2020 / Interiors

Starting the renovation process can be a daunting yet absolutely worthwhile task.

The Ideal Summer Home

Aug 27, 2020 / Interiors

Prided for its sustainable design, the Polyergo residence does not require aircon, even on the hottest days.

Henry Hill's 1958 Alamo Residence

Aug 20, 2020 / Interiors

Presenting timeless interiors, similar to those envisioned by its original architect, Henry Hill, Framestudio refurbishes the midcentury residence in Alamo, east San Francisco.

Casa Atibaia

Aug 18, 2020 / Interiors

Characterized by its gentle curves, extended raw concrete slabs and a primal relationship with the elements, this delicately suspended home adapts nature into its interior design.

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