Celebrate Father’s Day in Style with Van Cleef & Arpels

Jun 16, 2022 / Jewellery

A gift of time and a ring, Van Cleef & Arpels’ selection of poetic accessories for fathers.

Celebratory Jewellery: A Modern Cultural Shift

Jun 02, 2022 / Jewellery

In modern times, jewellery made for celebrations have seen a resurgence, going beyond just the ceremony itself.

Forever As One: Shopping Engagement Rings Together

May 26, 2022 / Jewellery

Once a secret action, getting engagement rings these days are now part of the journey toward a perfect matrimony.

Strange Bedfellows: Diamonds, Blockchain and ESG

Apr 25, 2022 / Style

For more than a decade, the Kimberley Process is the de facto certification in eradicating blood diamond. As technology advances, more could be done to further complement the KP and strengthen the process.

MJjewels: Only The Finest Jewellery And Services

Apr 22, 2022 / Jewellery

If you’re searching for the best jewel paired with an unparalleled buying experience, look no further. MJjewels invites you to discover its exquisite catalogue at dream prices.

A Friendly Approach To Diamond Engagement Rings

Apr 20, 2022 / Jewellery

An emblem of love and a symbol of devotion, diamond engagement rings are customary for those who want to seal their love.

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