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Managing Male Hair Loss: High-Tech Solutions & Tips

Jul 10, 2024 / Style

Ahead, find the appropriate modern, high-tech solutions for male hair loss, from topical medications to advanced procedures.

The Wellness Industry is Fixated on Fast Results

Jul 08, 2024 / Style

The fixation on fast results in the wellness industry aims to capitalise on consumers’ desire to obtain the “ideal image of health and wellness” through misleading marketing and influential celebrity culture.

Niche Perfumery Insights From Johanna Monange, Founder Of Maison 21G

Jul 05, 2024 / Beauty & Wellness

These are Maison 21G’s fragrance trends to watch for Spring/Summer 2024.

New Wave Of Hollywood-Approved Wellness Therapies Comes to Singapore

Jul 04, 2024 / Beauty & Wellness

From hyperbaric oxygen therapy to full body cryotherapy, the new wave of wellness is a celebrity-approved take on caring for the mind, body and soul.

Bask In Pharrell’s First Collaborative Foray Into Fragrance With LVERS

Jun 27, 2024 / Beauty & Wellness

Similar to the reimagining of the Damier, Louis Vuitton’s men’s creative director Pharrell unveils LVERS, a transformative take on the maison’s classic olfactory offering.

Clean Beauty: Are Natural Ingredients Really Better than Synthetic?

Jun 24, 2024 / Beauty & Wellness

The rise of natural beauty and instances of greenwashing has lead to misleading perceptions of synthetic ingredients.

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