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New Trends in Perfumery Reveal a New Age of Parfums d’Exception

Sep 06, 2022 / Beauty & Wellness

“Parfum d’Exception” is a highly dynamic segment of perfumery that is typified by an emphasis on the signature, the bespoke, the artisanal and the exclusive.

Vitable Will Revolutionise the Way You Consume Your Essential Vitamins

Sep 01, 2022 / Beauty & Wellness

Since launching in 2019, Vitable has been disrupting the traditional way people buy and consume their essential vitamins.

How Beauty Completes the Fashion Portfolio For Conglomerates

Aug 26, 2022 / Beauty & Wellness

In fashion’s competitive landscape, brands are one-upping through their beauty arm.

5 Best Men's Hairstyles and Haircuts to Look Super-Hot

Aug 23, 2022 / Beauty & Wellness

From undercut to quiffs and crops, here are the best men hairstyles to try.

Autumn Encased In a Fragrance: Chanel's Sycomore Eau De Parfum

Aug 17, 2022 / Style

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Sycomore transports the individual to a scenery of cypress trees and evergreen as it pays homage to the original 1930s fragrance in a beautifully crafted coffret.

An Omnichannel Strategy: How its Shaping the Retail Beauty Landscape

Jul 29, 2022 / Style

Beauty retail landscape is changing due to beauty brands and retail stores opting for an omnichannel strategy together.

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