Longchamp President Jean Cassegrain Knows What Contemporary Fashion Clients Want

Feb 27, 2024 / Leaders

Jean Cassegrain’s management has seen him reshape his family-owned Longchamp brand, LUXUO finds out what’s next for the fashion company.

Here’s How Buccellati Charts A 4-Generation Journey Of Handcrafted Jewellery

Jan 04, 2024 / Style

Buccellati has stayed true to its jewellery philosophy: never straying from its devotion to exquisite craftsmanship. CEO Andrea Buccellati tells us why.

LUXUO Leaders: Nicolas Baretzki on Montblanc’s Spirit of Library Campaign

Oct 31, 2023 / Style

Montblanc CEO Nicolas Baretzki shares his views about Montblanc’s global campaign in an ever-changing world

Interview: Boucheron’s Creative Director Claire Choisne

Nov 30, 2021 / Style

In an exclusive interview, Claire Choisne describes how she immortalised Wladimir — the Boucheron family’s beloved house pet — in the brand’s latest novelties collection, and how her own cat served as a willing model during the design process.

Larry Birnbaum, CEO of ShopWorn

Oct 11, 2021 / Leaders

Increasingly, many of us are more comfortable with shopping online rather than in traditional brick-and-mortar stores, partly due to the restrictions implemented by governments but also because it is more convenient to do so while not losing the same service experience offered in stores.

Ifeoma Ubby: OliveAnkara

Mar 08, 2021 / Leaders

Ifeoma Ubby left her home in Italy to pursue her post-doctorate studies in Singapore, and then left her established career in Molecular Biology to manage her fashion label OliveAnkara. In an exclusive interview, we find out about her passionate outlook on life and more in this International Women’s Day Special.

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