Ifeoma Ubby: OliveAnkara

Mar 08, 2021 / Style

Ifeoma Ubby left her home in Italy to pursue her post-doctorate studies in Singapore, and then left her established career in Molecular Biology to manage her fashion label OliveAnkara. In an exclusive interview, we find out about her passionate outlook on life and more in this International Women’s Day Special.

Larry Birnbaum, CEO of ShopWorn

Feb 17, 2021 / Style

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital solutions and one of them is the growing prevalence of e-commerce. Increasingly, many of us are more comfortable with shopping online rather than in traditional brick-and-mortar stores, partly due to the restrictions implemented by governments but also because it is more convenient to do so while not losing the same service experience offered in stores.

Datin Sri Zarida Noordin

Dec 01, 2020 / Style

LUXUO recently caught up with Datin Sri Zarida to discover just what makes this woman of achievement tick in the highly competitive world of jewellery while juggling the roles of wife, mother and business partner.

Revolutionary: Veronica Chou's Everybody & Everyone

Dec 30, 2019 / Fashion

LUXUO has previously reported that sustainability in fashion might be a fallacy and business woman Veronica Chou, daughter of the textile tycoon Silas Chou might have just proven that her brand might actually be truly eco-friendly

President Leica Asia on Photography Culture

Jul 04, 2017 / Accessories

The landscape of photography has been rapidly changing; especially with the way people produce and consume it. From mobile phones to images that live for only 24-hour on social media, and iClouds as a way of storing images, one of the major changes is the reduction in the production of photography for personal documentation and appreciation.

Interview: Lisa Crosswhite of Chi Chi Von Tang

Aug 16, 2016 / Fashion

Supermodel-turned-designer Lisa Crosswhite speaks to us about her growing fashion label, the obstacles she’s faced and future plans for Chi Chi Von Tang.

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