The Aurora is iFi Audio's Game Changing Smart-Home Sound System

Dec 09, 2019 / Tech

The Aurora wireless music system from iFi Audio features state of the art sound quality and performance with PureEmotion amp technology

My Cozy Room is Singapore's Best Luxury Spa

Dec 04, 2019 / Wellness

In a league comparable to innumerous leading spas and beauty institutes across the world, My Cozy Room is Singapore’s best luxury spa

Exploring the Little Known Galapagos

Dec 02, 2019 / Travel

Although everyone is familiar with Giant Tortoises, Marine Iguanas and swimming with friendly Galapagos sea lions, there is another side to the islands and Galapatours will give you a chance to see it

Andenes' Presents Its Latest Tourist Attraction - The Whale

Nov 26, 2019 / Travel

Andenes is one of the world’s best spots for whale-sighting… even more so now, with the construction of its latest attraction known as – The Whale.

Venice Battles Flooding, Power Outage and A Potential Loss of Tourism

Nov 18, 2019 / Travel

Enduring rapid wind and rainstorms, the city of Venice was engulfed the second-highest water levels ever recorded at 74 inches (187 centimeters).

The Fashionista's Original Phone Returns

Nov 15, 2019 / Tech

The Motorola Razr 2019 is a clamshell smartphone, breaking the 21st century’s traditional mold of typically unbending and ridiculously slim, mobile design.

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