Top 5 Best Private Jets Companies in South Florida

Jul 19, 2024 / Motoring

Travelling internationally or just looking for a quick flight within the region? Read on to see the top five charter jet services in South Florida and the types of travel each is best suited for.

Most Popular Private Jet Models

Apr 03, 2024 / Jets

Do you know what the most popular private planes are? Read on to learn more about four of them.

Flying High: A Guide to Maintaining Your Private Jet

Feb 05, 2024 / Jets

From cabin interiors to avionic systems, LUXUO brings you the best tips on maintaining your private jet courtesy of Pilot John International.

Cirrus Aircraft is Every Aviator’s Dream

Jan 17, 2023 / Jets

The SR Series not only provides comfort when flying, but its safety features also ensure peace of mind.

The New Eco-Friendly Era of Private Jet Travel

Sep 01, 2022 / Jets

In order to adapt to consumer demands for sustainable flying, private jet companies have been investing in eco-friendly technologies and design.

Supersonic Travel Is Within Reach With the New Overture Aircraft

Jul 29, 2022 / Jets

Boom Supersonic’s latest design for its Overture Aircraft can hit a speed of Mach 1.7 using 100 per cent sustainable aviation fuel.

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