RM Sotheby’s 2021 Arizona Sale

Dec 15, 2020 / Auctions

The RM Sotheby’s 2021 Arizona sale continues all long-standing traditions of representing very different, but important moments, in an all-new new venue and format.

Stallone's "Daylight" Panerai for Sale

Nov 11, 2020 / Auctions

The most important modern Panerai timepiece ever offered publicly, will go under the hammer on Saturday, December 12 during the New York Watches auction.

The World's Most Expensive Bikini

Oct 14, 2020 / Auctions

Honey Ryder’s ivory-coloured bikini holds special sentimental and historic value as the outfit of choice for any connoisseur hoping to own an artefact of immense pop cultural history

Young Man Holding a Roundel

Sep 28, 2020 / Auctions

The Young Man Holding a Roundel by Sandro Botticelli makes art market history as one of the most significant portraits, of any period, ever to appear at auction.

Tom Cruise’s Original “Maverick” Helmet

Jul 27, 2020 / Auctions

The customized U.S Navy-issue Gentex HGU-33 helmet emblazoned with the name “Maverick” across its visor-cover, goes on sale at a virtual auction from 26th to 27th August 2020

World's Most Expensive Used Shoes

May 13, 2020 / Auctions

The most expensive and exclusive pair of Air Jordan 1s make their way back on the market in a grand comeback from the glitzy auction house, Sotheby’s.

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