Art Republik


I Am The Universe

Oct 24, 2020 / Art Republik

In the eyes of Iwan Suastika, the concept is simple: I am the universe, You are the universe, and We are the universe.

Noah in Us

Oct 22, 2020 / Art Republik

With a natural curiosity for the world and the imagery which surrounded her throughout childhood, Abi Dionisio aims to express society’s current emotions and struggles, whilst inspire humanity to be brave and heal.

Thou Art A Painting

Oct 17, 2020 / Art Republik

LouiseM is renowned for her distinct ability to create personalised art that represents you.

Art Imitates Life

Oct 13, 2020 / Art Republik

Revolutionary individuals are born everyday, though they may not realise their calling, until much later.

Art and Transhumanism

Oct 12, 2020 / Art Republik

Utilizing the concept of ‘a Doll of Hans Bellmer’, Joanna Grochowska depicts eroticism, pain and power in a posthuman modified body.

The Portals We Conceal

Oct 12, 2020 / Art Republik

Straying far from society’s ideals of conformity, this Filipino artist finds strength in being real, honest and authentic in every aspect of his humanity.

Sam Bulaga Redefines the “Pop” in Pop Art

Oct 07, 2020 / Art Republik

Depicting fantastical characters and landscapes in direct response to the fluctuations of modern representations, Sam Bulaga gears toward contemporary pop art with an innovative twist.

Men or Beasts?

Oct 05, 2020 / Art Republik

Malaysian artist, Shafiq Nordin takes no prisoners when illustrating certain nefarious forces as the skinless muscle-bounded beasts they are.

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