Hermès in the Making: Inside the Maison

Sep 20, 2022 / Fashion

French luxury icon Hermès reveals its trade secrets at the Hermès in the Making event in Singapore.

Luxuo's Comprehensive Guide to Loafers

Sep 10, 2022 / Fashion

Easy to wear and versatile in almost all situations, loafers should be a wardrobe staple in every man’s sartorial arsenal

Inch Up Your Footwear

Sep 07, 2022 / Fashion

As fashion moves into the genderless, heels and menswear go hand-in-hand to create and elevate even the most basic look.

The Merge Between Fashion and Functionality: Wearable Tech

Sep 06, 2022 / Fashion

Today’s digital adoption sees luxury brands delving into the world of wearable tech to develop products that are both fashionable and functional.

Essential Bridal Hair Accessories Every Bride Must Know

Sep 05, 2022 / Fashion

A bridal outfit is not complete without complementing tiara, hair comb and hair vines.

Custom Leather Jackets: Why Every Fashion Influencer Must Have One

Sep 03, 2022 / Fashion

Fashionable and presumably expensive, a leather jacket is one of the most stylish items of clothing you can buy.

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