Vegan Luxury – An Evolution From Fashion to Food

Jun 01, 2022 / Gastronomy

From handbags made of fungus to 3D printed steak, veganism is trending up to the mainstream crowd.

Bored Ape NFT Restaurant Opens In California

Apr 12, 2022 / Gastronomy

The BAYC-inspired NFT fast food restaurant becomes the first to accept Ethereum and ApeCoin, showing the marketing potential of translating Web3 into the real world.

Gucci's Osteria Restaurant In Seoul

Mar 17, 2022 / Gastronomy

Inside the lively Itaewon district is Gucci’s latest Osteria restaurant in Seoul, slated to open on 28 March. Reservations for an unmatched fine-dining experience are now available — a perfect addition to your Springtime travels.

Best Yu Sheng in Singapore 2022: Toss To A Prosperous New Year

Jan 16, 2022 / Gastronomy

Toss to a new prosperous year with the best Yu Shengs Singapore has to offer!

Celebrate the Joy of Christmas with Sofitel Singapore Sentosa

Dec 03, 2021 / Gastronomy

Food is a big part of the Singaporean culture, and Sofitel Singapore Sentosa nails it down fantastically.

There is a Global Shortage of Truffle

Oct 21, 2021 / Gastronomy

With a global shortage of truffles, you will expect to see an increase in prices for your favourite plate of white truffle pasta.

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