Hide Out. Ride Out

Mar 27, 2020 / Hotels

Offering upscale private spaces, equipped with daily cooking and cleaning essentials, alongside the appropriate access healthcare, The Le Bijou Hotel is absolutely the best place to be right now

Heritage Hideaway: The Barracks Hotel Sentosa

Mar 24, 2020 / Hotels

For the time-strapped beach lover, a weekend getaway has just gotten a whole lot easier thanks to this luxury hotel

The Hotel Metropole 007 Experience

Mar 24, 2020 / Hotels

Marked by luxury, serenity, and fine dining, the extraordinary Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo offers once-in-a-lifetime Aston Martin, helicopter rides, movie premieres, plus exclusive casino access alongside other 007 experiences

The Villa Molli

Mar 23, 2020 / Hotels

Showcasing a range of uninterrupted views, the Villa Molli comprises of two tower-like structures surrounding an infinity pool and a series of stepped living spaces

Accommodation For The Soul

Mar 11, 2020 / Hotels

Founded on the belief that “the best things in life are best for the body and spirit” – Janu aims to facilitate “soul restoration” through a combination of mindful, cultural, and community experiences.

South Africa's Thirty-Nine Foot High Ngala Treehouse

Mar 05, 2020 / Hotels

Surrounded by nothing but a lush south African forest, the luxurious thirty-nine foot high Ngala Treehouse boasts uninterrupted views of the natural landscape.

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