Best Self: Fey Wong, Humpty Dumpty Hypnotherapy

Nov 30, 2022 / Lifestyle

Fey Wong believes that therapies should be normalised and one can achieve their dreams and desired life through Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Glitz Mega Group Launches

Oct 18, 2022 / Lifestyle

Opening a new frontier in Dubai, UAE is Sherry Faller, the founder and managing director of Glitz Mega Group, who will bring her wealth of experience to the up-and-coming gulf city.

UGLOW Sport: Conquering Every Terrain With Ease

May 17, 2022 / Lifestyle

Romain Jean de Dieu, founder and CEO of UGLOW designs apparels for sports enthusiasts to maximise their potential of ascending to the top.

Rachael Sacerdoti: Building The Best Version of Yourself with It's So Simple

Apr 27, 2022 / Lifestyle

“What began as a WhatsApp group amongst a few friends became the start of It’s So Simple. It sparked a real passion in me.”

OLEA Education: Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow

Dec 21, 2021 / Lifestyle

A tell-all with Olivia A. Halsall, founder of OLEA Education.

RED CLUB x Cartier Launches Young Leaders Award

Oct 11, 2021 / Investment

RED CLUB x Cartier is announcing its Young Leaders Award for young entrepreneurial leaders worldwide.

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