The World's Most Expensive Suite

Apr 24, 2019 / Hotels

When world’s richest artist, Damien Hirst, goes all out with designing a hotel suite, you can be sure that what results is a $100K per night (minimum two nights) at the Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas

Iconic New York Studio for Bids

Apr 22, 2019 /

Located at West Chelsea, Manhattan, this $18.5 million residential property once owned by Broadway designer John H. Young is one of the few which greets you with an immediate sense of light, air and space

The World's Most Artistic Hotel

Apr 18, 2019 / Hotels

What happens when you put acclaimed director Baz Luhrmann, award winning costumer designer Catherine Martin and flamboyant hotelier Alan Faena together? You get the Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Safdie Architects Changes Singapore Skyline

Apr 15, 2019 /

Safdie Architects, the original designers of Marina Bay Sands are adding a fourth tower to the iconic Singapore hotel

Bruce Willis’ Potentially Record-Breaking Parrot Cay Estate

Apr 08, 2019 / Luxury Homes

At an asking price of $33 million, the estate far exceeds the exclusive island’s current record of $27.5 million for a 6.5-acre home down the beach

This House Sold for Major Loss

Apr 08, 2019 / Interiors

Here’s why the ‘Candy Shop’ rapper, 50 Cent sold his 50,000 square feet home for $2.9 million, a major loss after 12 long years on the market

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