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Post Apocalyptic Beauty

Jun 18, 2019 / Luxury Homes

When rising sea levels meet with zen-like aesthetic complete with panoramic views of the oceanfront, this Beach House might be the perfect thing for post apocalyptic “Waterworld” Earth

New addition to New York's Baller Skyline

Jun 13, 2019 / Luxury Homes

Central Park Tower is New York City’s latest luxury real estate development but despite its massive presence, it exudes exquisite elegance and grace.

The House Boat at Gallipoli

Jun 12, 2019 / Luxury Homes

Just 12 metres away from the Ionian Sea stands the House Boat, a Bauhaus-inspired residential piece that speaks volume through simplicity

Unsold: Epic Bel Air Mansions Struggle

Jun 10, 2019 / Luxury Homes

Mega Bel-Air mansions gained massive media attention for their glamorous, high luxury amenities in the early 2010s but now, they’re catching attention for other reasons.

How To Vet A Person Before Renting Out Your Luxury Home

May 30, 2019 / Luxury Homes

Learn the tips and tricks to sieve out obnoxious tenants and cirvumvent the common headache of vandalised property and rental default

A Chateauneuf de Grasse Villa with sea views

May 27, 2019 / Luxury Homes

Chateauneuf De Grasse is a pleasant spot to consider when choosing an area for residence or investment and this 5-bedroom villa can be your next purchase

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