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LVMH And Tiffany & Co.

Jan 07, 2021 / The Lux List

Speculations are pointing towards Alexandre Arnault and Anthony Ledru to take the top positions within Tiffany & Co.

Prada Is Beating The Odds With Increased Sales For The Second Half Of 2020

Jan 06, 2021 / Business of Luxury

The main driver for this growth came from China, where there is a strong local market from its growing middle class as well as Gen Z spenders.

2020's Disturbing Wage Inequality

Jan 05, 2021 / The Lux List

2020 was a rough year to say the least. However, amidst mass frenzy and uncertainty, it seems 2020 was not lost for all.

Moncler Acquires Stone Island

Dec 09, 2020 / Business of Luxury

The Italian luxury brand, Moncler is expanding its business profile to include streetwear cult favourite, Stone Island. This is on the heels of the recent deal between VF and Supreme.

Forbes’ World Billionaires 2020

Nov 30, 2020 / Billionaires

Forbes’ annual list of ultra-wealthy individuals aims to provide an insight into how industries change and what their future might be.

Residency & Citizenship-by-Investment Programs

Nov 23, 2020 / Finance

With over 29 years in the business and 20+ offices worldwide, Harvey Law Group (HLG) currently offers Residency & Citizenship-by-Investment (RCBI) programs to over 20 countries globally.

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