Crazy Rich Expats

Apr 29, 2020 / Billionaires

It was just another day on the job for Lester Chen, a real estate agent at Singapore Realtors Inc., when he met a British expat looking for a little extra freedom to get through the nation’s ongoing circuit breaker.

Rich and Quarantined

Apr 22, 2020 / Billionaires

The pandemic-caused isolation and highly restricted lifestyle have not dampened the spirits of Instagram’s richest, who may be the mindless entertainment, distraction and motivation we need to get through another day in quarantine.

Billionaire Philanthropy: Boon or Bane?

Apr 08, 2020 / Billionaires

Can we depend on billionaires to solve the world’s problems? Should we? LUXUO analyses billionaire philanthropy and discovers it often falls short but not for reasons one might imagine

The Irony of Aspen: Playground for the Elite

Nov 23, 2019 / Billionaires

Aspen is a wonderland for the world’s top 1 percent and Aspen Institute, a school for elite politicians seems to be an ill suited place to learn emphatic leadership

Generational Treasures: Patek x Cortina

Nov 05, 2019 / Billionaires

Six decades later, Patek Philippe and Cortina Watch have shown that a friendship can transcend business relationships and become familial in the forge of time

Original Glamour Photographer: Slim Aarons

Nov 04, 2019 / Billionaires

Slim Aarons’ photographs were a vehicle for both charm and allure. Celebrities could always count on his every photo to be stylish and crisp.

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