Bitcoin Is Now a Legal Tender in El Salvador

Sep 14, 2021 / Finance

The cryptocurrency markets is still reeling from the botched roll out of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador.

Wall Street Blew a Bubble in Stocks, Cryptocurrencies are Next

Aug 16, 2021 / Finance

The ideal bagholder is one who adds more on every downturn (buying the dip) and who refuses to sell (diamond hands), holding on for the inevitable Fed-fueled rally to new highs.

Binance Charity Foundation Supports the inaugural Jim Thompson Elephant NFTs this World Elephant Day

Aug 11, 2021 / Finance

Binance Charity is revolutionising the way social causes can be supported through the use of blockchain technology.

China’s Crypto Mining Crackdown a Blessing in Disguise

Aug 06, 2021 / Finance

The Chinese cryptocurrency mining cull may have been the best thing to have happened to the Bitcoin blockchain since its hard fork with Bitcoin Cash.

Binance NFT celebrates Elephant Day

Aug 02, 2021 / Finance

In collaboration with NFKings Productions.

Binance Labs Invests In NFKings

Jul 29, 2021 / Finance

NFKings is an NFT creatives and production company with over 100 intellectual properties (IPs) to date.

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