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Zuckerberg in Crisis

Jul 03, 2020 / Business of Luxury

It’s not just brands like Levis leaving Facebook, Zuckerberg’s own staff are having second thoughts about his personal values and how it affects his philanthropy

Luxury Recovery? Air Dior Sold in Minutes

Jul 01, 2020 / Business of Luxury

The collaboration between Dior and Air Jordan saw $2000 limited edition sneakers selling out in minutes but is this really a sign that the luxury industry is finally on the road to recovery?

The End of UK Automotive Industry?

Jun 25, 2020 / Business of Luxury

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders warns that the UK automotive industry is under catastrophic threat from Brexit and Coronavirus

LVMH Plays Digital Long Game

Jun 23, 2020 / Business of Luxury

Golf has two components: the long game and the short game. In the former, power and distance are required so the player can approach the putting green in as few strokes as possible; the post pandemic luxury digital frontier is about to be shaped for LVMH thanks to an interesting new development in wearable tech eco-system

Worth its Weight in Gold

Jun 09, 2020 / Business of Luxury

If you’re printing too much currency to bail out the monetary system, it’s obviously going to directly influence inflation in one form or another. David Mitchell of Indigo Precious Metals talks to LUXUO about uncorrelated investments and safe stores of value during a global crisis

The Post-Pandemic Luxury Fashion Landscape

Jun 08, 2020 / Business of Luxury

$600 million in debt, Brooks Brothers has put itself up for sale. Already luxury fashion is changing as it did during the last Great Recession and the Great Depression before it. How can brands survive and thrive?

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